Weight Of Emptiness
Weight Of Emptiness is a Chilean metal band that practice a mixture of styles in which can be distinguished progressive, death, doom,  and black metal. The band was born in 2015, when Juan Acevedo and Alejandro Bravo on guitars and Alejandro Ruiz on vocals, after having been composing music for some time, managed to complete the formation with the inclusion of bassist David Hernández and Mauricio Basso on drums, both incorporating a rhythmic base full of progressive elements, that Weight Of Emptiness the characteristic and avant-garde sound recognized within the Chilean and South American metal scene.
In mid-2016 they began to record their musical material for what will be their debut album. Drums are recorded at Alba Road Studios and the rest at The Farm (Home Studio). The mixing and mastering is done by Richard Iturra. At the end of the recording process, David Hernández left the band, so bassist Manuel Villarroel is recruited. 
On March 4, 2017 they independently release their first LP called "Anfractuous Moments For Redemption", which is released independently in digipack format.

As part of the audiovisual support for the debut album, video clips are made for the songs “Behind The Masks”, “The Silence” and “Unbreakable”, In addition to a lyricvideo for the song “Weight Of Emptiness”. Live videos are also published: “Live at Bar Óxido” (October 2016) and “Show at Lado Salvaje Festival 2018, Mendoza -Argentina” (December 2018).
As part of the Tour to promote the album, the band plays in various cities in Chile and also performs its first international tour through various cities in Mexico (October and November 2017) and also participates in the Festival "Lado Salvaje 2018" in Mendoza , Argentina.

In the meantime, the bassist Manuel Villarroel left the band, so he was replaced by the former bassist of the progressive metal band Tremates, Mario Urra, whose debut takes place precisely when the band visits Argentina for the first time as part of the Lado Salvaje Festival. 2018 of the city of Mendoza.
The album "Anfractuous Moments For Redemption" is highlighted on various specialized websites such as "Humo Negro", "The Resistance", "Headbangers Latin America" among the best Chilean and Latin albums of 2017. In addition, it is Nominated as "Best Album of Extreme Metal” at the 2018 Escuchar Awards. On the other hand, on March 22, 2018 the album "Anfractuous Moments For Redemption“ is re-released in Mexico in a co-production by the Concreto Records and Sun Empire Productions labels.
Weight Of Emptiness
On August 31, 2019, the band released their second studio album called “Conquering The Deep Cycle”. The album was recorded at The Farm and Audio Custom Studios, and was again mixed and mastered by Richard Iturra. The album is released under the Australis Records label and the video clips of the songs "The Flame" and "Chucao", as well as the lyricvideo of the song "Invisible Mind Workers", are transformed into audiovisual material to support the promotion of the album.
In September 2019 the band made its first tour of Europe, passing through several cities in Spain, Romania and Bulgaria, achieving a very good reception from the public of the old continent. In November 2019, the band toured Argentina that included Buenos Aires, the La Campana del Infierno festival near Rosario, and the Criminal Metal Camp festival near Córdoba to promote the new album.
The album "Conquering The Deep Cycle" has been highlighted among the best of the year 2019 in various rankings and media accounts such as Headbanger Latin America, Humo Negro from Chile, Global Metal Apocalypse from the United Kingdom, Inside The Darkness from Russia, Underground Webzine from Spain and Radio Rock Nation from Brazil.
During 2020 and 2021, due to the COVID19 Pandemic, the band participates in different Online festivals in Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, Peru and Germany, which transmit via streaming, shows of international bands from their places of origin. In addition, on November 14, 2020, the band performed a live show at Warehouse, which was broadcast in real time via streaming to the whole world, and which gave the opportunity to show a new song, composed for the third album of the band. The full show is published on the YouTube channel.
The band is nominated for the 2021 Escuchar Awards, which rewards the best of independent rock and metal music in Chile for the 2019-2020 period, in the catregories of "Best Live Show", for the show held in Mendoza, Argentina, and "Best Extreme Metal Album" for the album "Conquering The Deep Cycle", obtaining the award for the latter category.

The members are currently finishing the post-production of what will be their third full-length album and ready to make their first South American tour in Argentina, Brazil, Peru and Chile in the second half of 2022.