Galllery Warehouse

November 14, 2020, Santiago, Chile

Galllery Session LP Conquering The Deep Cycle

Santa Lucía Hill, Santiago, Chile

April 28, 2019

Gallery Release of The Silence Videoclip

Sala SCD Bellavista, Santiago, Chile

March 16, 2018

Gallery Tour 20 Aniversary Dead Soul by Criminal

El Huevo, Valparaíso, Chile

December 16, 2017

Gallery Kingdom Of Silence II

Óxido Bar, Santiago, Chile

November 11, 2017

Gallery Release of Behind The Masks Videoclip

Mi Bar, Providencia, Chile

October 20, 2017

Gallery King Heavy Tour

Ele Bar, Valparaíso, Chile

October 13, 2017

Gallery Release EP Noche y Niebla by Thvnvtos

Remolienda Bar, Santiago, Chile

October 8, 2017

Gallery Into Darkness

Golden Bar, Rancagua, Chile

July 14, 2017

Gallery Release LP

Anfractuous Moments For Redemption by Weight Of Emptiness

Óxido Bar, Santiago, Chile

March 4, 2017

Gallery Final Massacre in San Bernardo

Club Madness, San Bernardo, Chile

December 23, 2016

Gallery Chaotic Universe III

Cívico Bar, Valparaíso, Chile

November 25, 2016

Photo Session for LP Anfractuous Moments For Redemption 

General Cemetery, Santiago, Chile

November 8, 2016

Gallery Kinetic Energy IV 

Óxido Bar, Santiago, Chile

October 15, 2016

Photo Session for EP Anfractuous 

General Cemetery, Santiago, Chile

September 17, 2016

Gallery Release EP Neverending by Morver 

Under Bar, Santiago, Chile

Mayo 28, 2016

Gallery Kinetic Energy III

Under Bar, Santiago, Chile 

March 25, 2016